Volunteer Abroad in Nepal

Volunteer Abroad in Nepal – What Opportunities Are Available?

If you’ve been looking for ways to volunteer abroad, you might be wondering about what’s available in Nepal. There are many benefits to volunteering in Nepal, including job opportunities, housing options, and benefits for you and your host family. Here are some things to consider before applying. Read on to learn more about the different opportunities available.

Job opportunities

If you’re interested in volunteering abroad in Nepal, you can find job opportunities in the country on a variety of volunteer organizations. You will likely receive training and be provided with accommodations. In addition, you will have access to in-country support and assistance, which will ensure your safety and well-being while volunteering in Nepal.

The cost of airfare to Nepal varies, but it is possible to find affordable airline tickets. It is best to research the different airlines and airports in advance to find the cheapest flights. Also, try to avoid traveling during busy travel months. In addition, if you have airline miles, try to apply them to your flights.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities in Nepal, from helping with children in local schools to teaching English to Buddhist monks in a monastery. You can also take photos for a photojournalism project and provide documentation for local events. Regardless of your passion or skill set, your volunteer experience in Nepal will be rewarding and beneficial.

If you love working with children, you can volunteer in a childcare program in Nepal. This program allows you to help underprivileged children learn the language. If you are a parent, there is also a program that allows you to teach English to monks. Monks often leave the monastery when they are older and need a solid education to advance. This will set them up for future opportunities. If you’re a medical student, you can even volunteer in a medical setting. Whether you’re looking to learn about the field or just spend time in the community, the people of Nepal are very friendly and welcoming.

If you want to volunteer abroad in Nepal, you should choose an organization that provides job opportunities in a wide variety of areas. Those who have experience in teaching English, building or renovating schools, or working on human rights and women’s empowerment will find plenty of opportunities in Eli’s Nepal volunteer program. ELI is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and provides excellent support.

Housing options

If you’re looking for housing options for volunteer abroad in Nepal, there are several different kinds of accommodations available. Some volunteer programs will provide you with a house, while others will place you with a local host family. A volunteer house offers you a close connection with the local community, gives you more independence, and may help you overcome culture shock. The availability of these accommodations depends on the number of volunteers on a particular project.

Before deciding on a particular organization, check out online reviews and talk to previous volunteers. This will help you set expectations for the experience and will also allow you to ask questions. If the organization has a good reputation, they should be able to provide you with the names and contact information of past volunteers.

Most volunteer programs will provide housing in a local homestay, although some locations may offer upgrades for their volunteers. Most organizations will also offer side trips that allow you to see local sights. While volunteering abroad in Nepal, you’ll be interacting with locals and helping them improve their lives. The majority of volunteers spend the weekdays administering medical care or participating in educational health initiatives.

When choosing a volunteer program in Nepal, it is important to keep in mind that all programs will vary in cost. The more expensive programs will offer better accommodation and meals, as well as weekend activities such as trekking and kayaking. While living in a volunteer home in Nepal does not come with all the luxuries of home, it is essential for you to be comfortable while volunteering abroad.


Volunteering abroad in Nepal offers you the chance to help in areas you’re passionate about, while gaining invaluable experience. You can volunteer in a number of ways – from teaching English in a rural school to empowering women and children. Program fees are reasonable and include airport pickup and transportation. Depending on your program, your fee can range from $250 to $1,410 per week.

Volunteering abroad in Nepal can be a life-changing experience. You’ll get to see another culture, try new food, meet new people, and help those in need. However, before you volunteer abroad in Nepal, make sure you’ve done your research – not only about the country, but also about your host family and safety concerns. By learning as much as possible about the country and the people in it, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

Volunteers working in nature conservation projects can help preserve the natural environment. They help to plant and care for trees, provide free tree seedlings, and educate people about the importance of conservation. Volunteers may be tasked with caring for the tree saplings, preparing nursery beds for sowing seeds, pruning trees, and other tasks. Depending on your project’s needs, you may be assigned additional seasonal tasks, such as planting, collecting seeds, and replanting. You may also assist in inventorying the flora and fauna of the area.

The climate in Nepal is mild in the spring and autumn. Days are longer and the landscape is adorned with rhododendron flowers. You may also see exotic wildlife. However, during this season, skies tend to be hazy, which can obscure the view of the mountains. During the summer, temperatures can get very hot and humid, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy mountain views.

Time to go

When planning your trip to Nepal, there are many things to keep in mind. First, it is important to consider the duration of your stay. Volunteers usually stay for five to ten months and are usually assigned to a specific project. They will also meet new people and travel to different parts of the country. In addition, long term volunteers will contribute to the Nepal volunteer program. Ideally, you will arrive in Nepal in the months of January or August.

Volunteering in Nepal is a great way to help in a country where basic services are lacking, such as clean water and education. The country does not have enough community schools, so many children are left without an education. Some classes have over 40 students, and there are often unmotivated teachers who need help with curriculum development and class size reduction.

Volunteers in Nepal can choose to serve in a variety of areas. Many projects involve teaching English in schools, working in orphanages, or assisting those with special needs. Some projects require specific skills or qualifications. While some programs require skills in a specific area, others will train you to work in different capacities, including a specialized skill set.

Volunteering in Nepal offers an opportunity to experience a unique culture and work in an amazing country. With the majestic Himalayan mountains, peaceful monasteries, and rich cultural heritage, Nepal has captivated the imagination of many travelers for centuries. However, it’s important to remember that this country is still a developing country, and about one-third of its population lives below the poverty line. It has been hard for the country to recover from the devastating 2015 earthquakes, but volunteer programs in Nepal are an excellent way to help out a developing nation.

One of the first organizations to provide volunteer abroad programs in Nepal is RCDP. Working with local organizations, the RCDP’s mission is to help the underprivileged in Nepal. Volunteers at their orphanage projects help the children in various ways, and the organization also offers tours and activities around the Himalayan country.

Vaccinations required

Depending on the country you’re traveling to, there may be different vaccinations that you need to get before volunteering abroad. Some are mandatory and others are only recommended, and you should consult a doctor to ensure that you’re up to date on any necessary vaccinations. If you have any existing health conditions or are pregnant, you may need additional vaccinations.

You should always check with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) before traveling abroad. They have a list of recommended vaccinations for most countries. Among them are the yearly flu shot, chickenpox, and MMR vaccines. You may also need additional vaccinations for rabies, typhoid, and Japanese encephalitis.

Although Nepal is generally a safe country, it is important to carry copies of your passport and personal identification. You should also carry a copy of your passport (not the original) and travel insurance. Lastly, be sure to pack enough money for your stay. ATM machines are common in Kathmandu, so you can exchange money easily. Be aware of your surroundings and always wash your hands before eating.

Volunteers should make sure they’ve gotten all the necessary vaccinations prior to their departure. It’s also a good idea to know where to stay once they arrive. Don’t forget to ask for an alternate contact number in case of emergency. This information will help you travel safely and avoid any hassles.

Depending on the type of work that you’ll be doing, you may need additional vaccinations before you leave. Make sure you talk to your doctor about these issues at least four to six weeks prior to your trip. Most vaccinations only require one or two shots, but some may need three or four.

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