Importance of Travelling/यात्रा का महत्व/ Advanced Hindi to English Translation/Essay Writing

In this video we are going to write an interesting Essay that is on Importance of Travelling in English through Translation.This type of video is very helpful for all the the students and friends for learning English.It will also help you to prepare for the competitive exams.You will also come across many new words while doing the translation work.You can pause the video to translate on your own and then watch mine.I request you all to watch all my videos,I always try to give my 100%.

Dear friends translation is also one of the best ways to learn English especially if you are a Hindi speaker. If you want to learn English from zero level watch my videos from lesson 1 regularly. Remind you dear friends this is one of the best channel for learning English.If you are new to my channel please subscribe to it and also press the bell icon to get regular updates.

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